Catapult One V2
Catapult One V2
Catapult One V2
Catapult One V2

Catapult One

Catapult One is a state of the art football performance solution, using elite level GPS tracking to measure sprint distance, total distance, top speed, and more.

What's included in Catapult One membership:

  • FIFA-approved Catapult One pod and vest
  • Performance data, trends, and leaderboards in the Catapult One app
  • Share your data with elite scouts and coaches
  • Exclusive exercise videos and articles
  • Injury protection - Pause your membership for time to heal
  • No contract; cancel anytime

Analyze your performance.

Track Core metrics.

Track your distance, top speed, sprint distance, intensity and more using your Catapult One Pod.

View and analyze your stats and heatmaps in the app to dominate your position on the pitch.


See how you compare against other Catapult One users around the world.

View leaderboards by age, position, and gender across key metrics.


Take your game to a new level with access to articles and videos to help you progress at every point of the season.

Catapult in action.

See Results.

Catapult One users core metrics improved in just 3 months.

Sprint Distance


Top Speed


Total Distance




*average improvement

Level up.

Get exclusive access to training exercises designed by professional coaches and players.

Trusted by the pros.

Catapult One builds on expertise developed over more than 15 years working with the best teams in the world.

Engineered for sport.

With 10Hz GPS, Catapult One captures 10x more data than the Apple Watch and is designed to pick up rapid movements and changes in direction specific to team sports.

Want to know more?

Check out our FAQs below or contact us at and we'll be happy to help.


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