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Catapult One

Catapult One is a state of the art football performance solution, using elite level GPS tracking to measure sprint distance, total distance, top speed, and more while also identifying overtraining that causes injury.

Analyse your positioning with heat maps and get access to training exercises developed by the pros.

What's included in the membership?

  • FIFA-approved Catapult One pod and vest
  • Performance data, trends, and leaderboards in the Catapult One app
  • Exclusive exercise videos and articles
  • Injury protection - Pause your membership for time to heal
  • No contract; cancel anytime.

How does it work?


Start your membership to receive your kit, including:

  • Catapult One pod
  • Vest
  • Charging dock
  • Catapult One app


Build your strength, quickness, and endurance while you track your sessions.


When your session is finished, sync your pod to the Catapult One app using bluetooth.


Analyse your progress over time. View trends, personal bests, and heat maps for visual feedback of your data to learn to perform better.

Membership Includes

Catapult One App

Designed to optimize your performance, the Catapult One app has tools to break down your workouts, build a training schedule, and analyse areas of opportunity in your fitness.

Track core metrics

Built by Premier League sports scientists, Catapult One uses 10Hz GPS and an accelerometer to track your distance, top speed, sprint distance, intensity, and more, allowing you to target the metrics for becoming a better player.

See your progress

Follow your trends, benchmark versus your personal bests, and see your stats in multiple segments.


Compete across your gender, age, position, and country, or compare yourself to the world.

Know your position

Use heatmaps and directional tracking of runs to understand and improve your on-field positioning and tactics.

training exercises

Get exclusive access to training exercises designed by top tier coaches and players focused on improving your core metrics during the off-season, pre-season or in-season.

Catapult One Pod

Powered by the technology the pros use, the Catapult One Pod is activated by your Catapult One membership allowing access to precise measurement and data storage.


Catapult One is approved and ready to use in competitive games meeting International Match Standards by FIFA

Engineered for sports

With 10Hz GPS, Catapult One captures ten times more data than the Apple Watch providing you the most accurate picture of your training and is designed to pick up rapid movements and changes in direction specific to football.

Seamless design

Just put the pod in the vest and play. The pod automatically turns on when you put it in the vest and syncs wireless through bluetooth when your session is complete.

Why Catapult One?

Sprint Distance


Top Speed


Total Distance





Catapult One members see improvements of their core metrics after just three months of use.

Trusted by the pros

Designed and manufactured by Catapult Sports, Catapult One builds on expertise developed more than 15 years working with the best teams in the world.

Injury Protection

“What happens if I get injured?” Don’t worry. You can pause your Catapult One subscription to give you time to get ready to return to training. No questions asked.

10x more data

With 10Hz GPS, Catapult One has ten times more data points than leading fitness trackers so you can track the explosive dynamic movements required in football.



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